Spreading the 'Fever'

Rob Lowe is developing the new series for the E! channel.
Rob Lowe is developing the new series for the E! channel. (Henny Ray Abrams)
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's really happening - again! When word first came last year of a new D.C.-based reality series, "Potomac Fever" - developed by none other than Rob Lowe - it seemed no more than a fever dream. Hadn't the nation already glutted itself on the Top Chefs, Housewives and Real Worlders of D.C.?

But a TV crew arrived Wednesday in the neighborhood of the White House to start filming their pilot about young Washingtonian strivers - with the blue-eyed producer himself on the scene. Lowe, in jeans and sweater, stood on the sidelines as the cameras filmed a young man and woman in conversation at M.E. Swing Coffee Co. near 17th and G. (Lowe also revved up on two double macchiatos while there.)

Unclear who drew the camera's gaze - but we've learned that the tentative cast includes WUSA (Channel 9) reporter Angie Goff, Fresh 94.7 DJ Tommy McFly and Charles Moran, a GOP communications guy. (None replied to our e-mails, which is always a giveaway.) Also, some other young Hill types whose names elude us. Reps for E!, the cable channel that's home to "Potomac Fever," if it ever sees the light of day, did not return our call.

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