CES 2011: Morotola Xoom, Sony 3D TVs all the buzz

See the tablets, cameras and other new technology unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Thursday, January 6, 2011; 1:27 PM

On Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Motorola has announced a whole range of new products from tablets to smartphones. Cecilia Kang gives the latest news on Motorola's new lineup:

Motorola hit the ground running at CES, introducing a Google Android tablet, aimed directly to compete with Apple's iPad, and smart phones to run on high-speed Internet networks of the major carriers.

Motorola on Wednesday introduced its Xoom tablet, with a 10-inch screen and the first to run on Google's new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system designed for tablets. It will run on Verizon Wireless 3G network but is upgradable to run on Verizon's 4G high-speed Internet network, the carrier said in a release.

Motorola also unveiled its Droid Bionic, what Verizon Wireless describes as its first Android phone to run on its 4G LTE network. Verizon will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. Thursday on its new device lineup for its high-speed mobile network it launched last month.

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As CES 2011 gets underway Hayley Tsukayama runs down some of the first day's events:

Today is the first full official day of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, after kicking off with a keynote from Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer last night. You can check out Rob's live-blog of the keynote here.

Looking ahead to today, a lot of buzz will likely be about mobile and the move to 4G.

Verizon will be holding a press conference at 1 p.m., where they're expected to talk about what their 4G plans are. They'll likely announce the much-leaked HTC Thunderbolt, which advertises itself as the first 4G phone on Verizon and maybe 4G phones from Motorola and Samsung as well. There's a lot of speculation over whether or not they'll be announcing an iPhone for Verizon -- sneaking a little bit of Apple into CES after all.

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In the realm of 3D TVs Sony's presentation received a lot of attention, as Rob Pegoraro reported:

I haven't found a company more enthusiastic about 3D technology than Sony. Chief executive Howard Stringer (below) and other executives with the Japanese electronics giant adopted the theme "3D goes personal" for its news conference.

Beyond shipping the expected lineup of 3D high-def TVs, Sony will also ship a 3D-enabled Vaio laptops and 3D-capable versions of its Handycam and Bloggie video cameras that could let users make their own 3D movies. And it will launch a full-time 3D network called 3Net with IMAX and Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications.

Sony also showed off prototypes of a 3D visor you could wear to watch 3D content on a plane, as well as a portable Blu-ray player that would join those cameras in being "glassless." It's working on making glassless 3D work on full-sized TVs too.

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