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Oprah can't stop chattering at TV press tour

One critic finally asked her: When did she fall in love with herself? "I am not in love with myself," Oprah answered, surprising many.

"I can see that in print and I cringe: 'Oprah fell in love with herself at the age of 49.'

"I am not in love with myself at all. I am loving that I understand who I really am. I am not enamored or dazzled by the whole idea of fame. I think it's fun and certainly think it's more fun to have money than not. It's a really cool thing to be able to get what you want and all that. But who I really am is a woman on a purpose. . . . So I feel good that I'm at a time in life where I pay attention to my life experience, because I recognize everything that has happened to me and is happening to you is teaching you more about yourself. . . to bring you to the best of yourself.

"What's where I am - loving the recognition of who I am . . . and I'm still evolving. . . . I'm constantly working to grow myself forward and this is a pretty heady process."

Piers's big 'get'?

Piers Morgan, the pugnacious British tabloid editor turned talent-show judge who's been charged with saving CNN, came to Winter Press Tour 2011 to mouth off, bat TV critics around a bit and announce that his very first "get" as Larry King's replacement is: Oprah Winfrey.

Two years ago, that news would really have wowed the critics, reporters and bloggers who attend the press tour. These days, in which you have to fend off Oprah with a club as she manically plugs her new cable network, not so much.

"So, it's Oprah!" Piers raved after The Big Reveal was made in a video clip, which did not go over quite as hoped.

"She's not only the biggest celebrity in the world. . . . It was an incredible interview!" marveled Piers, who is his biggest fan.

Oprah's so overexposed these days, she's "even meeting with us this afternoon," one unimpressed blogger told Piers before the Oprah Siege began. Yes, there's a lot of self-loathing about The Reporters Who Cover Television. It comes from years of being asked condescendingly by people who cover the film industry how their small-screen brethren can sleep at night knowing they cover TV for a living.

"I didn't know she'd set the bar that low," Piers conceded.


"The idea that you say Oprah's not a great get - that's ridiculous," Piers scoffed.

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