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Sheriff: 'He specifically targeted the congresswoman'

This video contains an excerpt from the 911 call placed moments after the shooting that killed six and critically injured Rep. Giffords.

Loughner posted a series of other videos on YouTube, in which he espoused bizarre and often incoherent arguments about mind control, grammar and government abuses. In another video, which he listed as a "favorite," a hooded figure burns an American flag in the desert, while on the soundtrack a hard-rock singer shrieks, "Let the bodies hit the floor!"

In one of the videos, Loughner referenced applying to join the Army. He was rejected for Army service in 2008, Army officials said. A military official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that Loughner failed because of drugs. It was unclear, however, if he had failed urinalysis testing or if his drug history or related questioning led to his rejection.

On Sunday, Loughner's home on Tucson's North Soledad Avenue was empty of the investigators and police cruisers that had crammed the street a day earlier. There was no sign of life at the Loughner home - set among modest ranch houses and split levels.

Neighbors said their interactions with the family were largely limited to watching Loughner's father restore old cars in his driveway. They said they had little interaction with the family and described Loughner's parents as loners who rarely spoke even to their immediate neighbors.

"You try to say something, they'd just ignore you and turn around and walk back into the house," said Ron Johnson, 60, a retiree who lives directly opposite the Loughners' tan one-story home. "The kid - I never talked to him. He acted just like his parents and ignored you."

Gardner reported from Tucson. Staff writers Jerry Markon and Josh White in Washington contributed to this report.

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