Spies wanted. Apply here. No black sites provided.

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 13, 2011; 9:07 PM

ALoop Fan alerted us to a strange job-recruitment ad now airing on WTOP radio here and on stations in other cities. Seems the CIA is looking for more spies, talking about how "no one will ever know what you do."

The agency's Web site has some generic video ads recruiting Iranian Americans, Arab Americans and other ethnic groups. All very cheery and peppy.

We asked our colleague Jeff Stein, who writes the popular SpyTalk blog, if he could run down this covert-specific ad. An agency spokesman confirmed there is such an ad, saying, "It makes sense for any organization, including the CIA, to make known its job opportunities, especially when we're focused on growing the diversity and foreign-language capabilities of our workforce."

It goes like this:

A phone rings twice. It stops.

"Understood," a man says, and then he hangs up.

"My working hours can change instantly," the man continues. "The mission is a constant, but every day is different."

Cue the rising violins.

"What I do is important," he says, "yet no one will ever know. But an entire nation will be grateful."

Dramatic pause. Cue the cellos and timpanis, then silence.

"Don't just watch the news," he says. "Live it, 24-7."

A woman comes on to widen the pitch:

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