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No 'Idol' chatter for ex-judge - not till payday

Full stop: Former
Full stop: Former "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi would not talk about her old show Thursday . (Mario Anzuoni)
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One critic wondered snidely whether that's because Kara's saving it all for a book. Which, turns out, is exactly the case! It's scheduled to come out in the spring, from HarperCollins, the publicist said as if she meant it to sting.

During the Q&A, Kara insisted that having been a judge on the most popular TV series in the country had nothing to do with her having been asked to be head judge on this new competition show. No, siree - Kara was asked to do this show because she's a "hitmaker," said the woman who penned the Worst American Idol Treacle Tune Ever, "No Boundaries." It's the one that was so bad, it got dropped from the "American Idol" Tour.

"Songs are the backbone of the music industry, and this show is about finding hit songs and it isn't about whether I was on 'American Idol' or any other show," she said.

"Yes, and I'm thin and have lots of hair," muttered one plumpish, bald TV critic in the room.

'The Glee Project'

NBC Universal's Oxygen network announced Thursday that "Glee" executive producers Ryan Murphy and Dante Di Loreto have signed on to executive produce its reality competition series "The Glee Project," in which tens of thousands of Gleeks compete for a multi-episode guest arc on the mothership Fox series that is "Glee."

That surprised TV critics, because after this reality competition series was first announced for the Fox network, it seemed to go away because, they were told, Murphy wanted to focus on the second season of "Glee."

Then, when the reality series resurfaced at Oxygen - which is the designated cable network of "Glee" repeats - they were led to believe Murphy still would not be involved, because he was too busy with the scripted series.

Everything and anything related to "Glee" "is always driven by Ryan," Dante explained.

Casting director on "The Glee Project" is Robert Ulrich - the same guy who casts every guest actor on "Glee." One TV critic asked whether he could break any news about guest-casting on "Glee," the Mothership.

"Is Justin Bieber happening or not?" the critic asked.

"I am obsessed with 'Glee' and we're all pretty nuts about it, but this is more about 'The Glee Project.' I don't want to take away from talking about that," Ulrich said.

"And," he added, "I don't really know, to be honest." He was taking no chances after Kara's Q&A session.

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