Questions and answers on changes to the Sunday Post

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why are you dividing the Arts & Style section?

By creating two sections, we'll be able to increase coverage of the arts and popular culture in a city that is passionate about entertainment and rich in museums, performances and the theater.

Will you be eliminating any of my favorite features in Arts & Style?

We are not eliminating anything. We are adding new features, including new book reviews, the Dealhunter shopping bargains column, the Web inSites column about the Internet, a new gallery of photos from the Washington social scene, and a digest of news items from local art institutions.

With the addition of KidsPost on Sunday, will there still be a Mini Page in the Sunday comics?

The most popular content from The Mini Page has been incorporated into KidsPost, including games, puzzles, jokes and recipes. There will be no separate Mini Page.

If book reviews will now be in Sunday Style and in Arts, will book reviews no longer be in Outlook?

Most books will continue to be reviewed in Outlook and in the daily Style section. We are adding one additional review in Arts, of an arts-related book, and one additional review in Sunday Style, on a book about popular culture.

What time will you deliver my Sunday sections on Saturday?

All subscribers in the Washington metropolitan area will receive the Sunday feature sections before 10 a.m. on Saturday. (A few subscribers in outlying areas will continue to receive all of the sections on Sunday.)

What Sunday sections will come on Saturday?

Sections delivered on Saturday will be Arts, Travel, Sunday Style, KidsPost, Comics and the Saturday plastic pack containing the Post Magazine, Parade and coupons. Comics will be inside Sunday Style and no longer in the plastic package.

What will come on Sunday?

The Main News section, Outlook, Metro, Sports, Business, Classifieds, the Real Estate Guide and TV Week for those who subscribe to it.

Will the Sunday paper still be available at stores on Saturday?

Yes, the early edition of the Sunday paper will still be available in stores on Saturday. It will contain all the Sunday feature sections.

What about TV Week?

There will be no change to TV Week delivery. Subscribers who have signed up for TV Week will continue to receive it. It will also be included in Sunday newsstand copies.

Are you changing the Magazine?

No, we are not changing the delivery or content of the Post Magazine.

Any changes to the Saturday Post?

Yes, Real Estate and Where We Live are being combined into one streamlined Real Estate section.

How can I subscribe?

For home delivery, call 1-800-753-POST or go to Subscriber Services.

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