Sunday features that will arrive on Saturday

Washington Post staff
Friday, January 21, 2011; 1:40 PM


The new Arts section will feature stories about theater, opera, exhibits, dance, classical music, architecture and museums, written by award-winning critics such as Anne Midgette, Philip Kennicott, Peter Marks and Pulitzer Prize winner Sarah Kaufman. We will expand our coverage of the arts community, with book reviews that focus on the arts world and news items from local art institutions.


The Sunday Travel section will also be delivered to every subscriber on Saturday morning, with tales of intrepid travel from around the globe and around the Beltway. Travel will continue to offer vivid writing and useful tips for readers looking to maximize their vacation dollars, whether they are going to a Virginia inn or on an African safari.


KidsPost, already a popular fixture in the daily Style section, will join the Sunday lineup in the form of a four-page pullout section filled with articles, puzzles, jokes and recipes. The new section incorporates much of the content of The Mini Page that currently appears inside Comics, creating a fun section that kids can call their own. KidsPost will reside inside the new Sunday Style section.


No Sunday newspaper is complete without the comics, and our full array of color funnies will come tucked inside the KidsPost section. All your favorites will still be there, in full color. The only difference: The Comics section used to be delivered inside the familiar plastic pack with the Washington Post Magazine, Parade and our shopping coupons -- now it will arrive inside KidsPost and Sunday Style.


The Post Magazine, Parade and hundreds of dollars worth of shopping coupons will still arrive in the plastic-wrapped pack. Most subscribers already receive that pack on Saturday morning, but now all will.

Also delivered on Saturday: Our new Sunday Style section

Sunday Style will increase coverage of popular culture in a compact and portable size designed to fit better into busy lifestyles. The section will focus primarily on movies, television and pop music, with stories, reviews and trend pieces by three of the best critics in the business: Ann Hornaday, Hank Stuever and Chris Richards. Joining the section will be two new columns: Dealhunter, a deeply reported look at some of the week's best local shopping deals; and Web inSites, a smart take on fascinating Web trends. Sunday Style will include book reviews that focus on pop culture, and The Scene, a gallery of photos from the D.C. area social whirl. Popular Sunday features, such as weddings coverage in OnLove and advice columns by Carolyn Hax and Amy Dickinson, will be there, too. Two other popular features, Celebritology and The Style Invitational, will move from Saturday to Sunday Style.

Dealhunter will alert D.C. area shoppers each week to great deals in local stores. Reporter Holly Thomas will look at deals on haircuts to rental cars to how to score the best seat at a Capitals game. Dealhunter aims to provide a service to readers who find their time and wallet squeezed these days -- and Saturday delivery means two days to put those tips to work.

Web inSites is dedicated to helping readers make sense of the torrent of ideas and information filling the Web. Okay, you get Twitter and you just about have your arms wrapped around Tumblr. What else is out there that could be useful? What's new? What's next? Melissa Bell, who writes BlogPost at, will report each week on the latest Web trends, with a special emphasis on the sites and services most useful to local readers.

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