Roosevelt's Rough 'Ryde' ends with new jerseys

By Alan Goldenbach
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 21, 2011; 3:59 PM

The ryde is over.

On Friday, the vendor who provided Theodore Roosevelt with basketball jerseys emblazoned with "Ryders" - not "Rough Riders," the District high school's nickname - gave the team new home orange jerseys that read "Riders" across the front.

Two days ago, The Post published a game story involving Roosevelt's 20th-ranked boys' basketball team and an accompanying photo showed the front of the players' jerseys emblazoned with "Ryders." Several readers contacted The Post to inquire about the spelling.

Roosevelt Athletic Director Daryl Tilghman explained that the vendor who sold him the jerseys said that "Ryders" was the "cool" way to spell it, in reference to the Ruff Ryders music label that rose to fame in the early 2000's with a roster that included the rappers DMX and Eve. Tilghman wasn't happy with it, but he couldn't return the jerseys and wait for new ones, since basketball season was underway.

The short explanation that appeared in The Post Thursday went viral. Calls poured into D.C. Public Schools' central office, as well as Tilghman's asking how this could be remedied.

"I had so many lawyers calling me," Tilghman said, "you would've thought there were a bunch of ambulances outside my building."

Hence the vendor's trip to Roosevelt on Friday. He also took back the team's road blue jerseys and will have those re-done shortly.

The 'I' is back in this team.

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