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For Wizards rookie John Wall, growth not limited to the basketball court

Wizards' point guard John Wall gives a tour of his apartment and reveals his diet of junk food.

"Having my brother around really helps me out, keeps me on track," Wall said.

Wall has a cleaning service come in once a week, and his mother is teaching him how to separate his whites from his darks so that he can start doing his own laundry.

"When we was back home, she did everything, every little thing," Williams said of Pulley. "Basically, because we're mamas' boys, so we didn't have to really do nothing back home. Here we got to do everything. We got to try to keep the house clean, do our laundry and all that stuff. . . . It's hard living by ourselves right now, because we're so young, but we're adapting to it. We're getting used to it."

Pulley is pleased with her son's progress.


"I feel he's doing a good job so far," she said. "He's got a lot more to learn."

Wall understands that he needs to become more responsible, which is why he purchased a puppy about two weeks ago. Williams named the boxer Jigga, and Wall could only chuckle as he described having a pet for the first time since he was a child.

"He's doing good, just running around the house, eat all the time, using the bathroom everywhere," Wall said. "It's a whole lot to deal with. I think I'm doing a good job."

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