Date Lab: Where's the adventure and energy we were promised?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

7:30 p.m., Ceiba, downtown

Michelle: I am recovering from a cold, so I had the day off from work. I just laid around and got ready in the afternoon. I couldn't get a cab, so my roommate drove me over to the restaurant.

Scott: I walked [to the restaurant]. [The hostess] took me to the table, and I got engrossed in the drink menu. I looked up, and [Michelle and the hostess] were standing there.

Michelle: He was good-looking. He had a good smile and just a good demeanor: friendly, personable, warm. He stood up, and we shook hands. We were both pretty calm, didn't seem like either one of us was nervous.

Scott: She's a pretty girl, [but] I wasn't blown away one way or the other. She seemed a little nervous. [We] started talking, introduced ourselves, the basic life bio thing, avoided talking about where we work for as long as possible. That's D.C., I feel like. It took a while to find a common conversation ground. It wasn't bad, but there wasn't overwhelmingly a spark or charismas meshing together.

Michelle: Our jobs aren't really the same, so it was nice to hear about a totally different industry. He's from Texas, and I'm not really familiar with that part of the country, 'cause I've been in the D.C. metro area for all my life, so it was pretty interesting. We both have traveled to different places in the world. I traveled through Europe a lot when I was young, and then I studied abroad [in] Laos, and I got to see some of Southeast Asia when I was there, and then I went to Peru after graduation.

Scott: It was cool she'd visited Laos. I really want to do that someday. [We were] just kind of politely feeling each other out. Not the most exciting conversation I've ever had, but not bad. If you were sitting at the table next to us and eavesdropping, you probably wouldn't have had the impression it was all that flirtatious. Whatever that elusive quality we define as spark, I don't think that was present. I feel like this was probably a more subdued evening than my average outing.

Michelle: The chef [sent us] a surprise little tuna tartare taco thing, so the server asked if we liked raw tuna, and we were like, "Yeah," and after she walked away he was like, "Okay, honestly, the answer is no. I want to talk to you about this fishery stuff, but I want you to enjoy this first." He was a good sport, and he ate it.

Scott: [Overfishing] really is a big problem, actually. I will say it was delicious, [but] I feel guilty about it. I tried to go vegetarian once [but was] not successful -- I'm from Texas.

Michelle: We shared the sorbets and a pot of coffee. We actually ran over the tab a little bit, but he paid the remainder, [which] was really nice of him. We walked out together, and I got a cab and he got on the bus. We hugged, and he said he had a good time. He asked for my number, and we both said we'd be in touch. We didn't really talk about getting together again. I thought he was interesting, but I don't know about another date. I'd say [the date] was about a 3 [out of 5]. I don't know if there was a ton of chemistry, but he was fun to talk to, and it was nice meeting a new person.

Scott: Really nice, really cool girl, had a good time; probably not anything real long-term will come out of it, though. I think I'd give it a solid 3.I'm pretty much [out of town] for the rest of the month, so I doubt I would call her.

-- Interviews by Elizabeth Terry

Update: Not so much as a Facebook message for these two.

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