Evernote helps you get organized

Saturday, January 29, 2011; 6:32 PM

Trying to get it together? Evernote might be the app for you.

Download it and you can sync notes, lists, voice memos, Web clips, pictures and more between computers, phones, tablets and other gadgets. The app is free and comes with 60 MB of Web space a month. Install it on all of your favorite devices and suddenly you have access to your thoughts via computer, Web browser and mobile device.

The app works like a dream. You can organize what you want to put on Evernote into notebooks that are shared or private. Notes can be tagged for easy searching. Account holders can e-mail themselves notes, tweet ideas straight to notebooks, add images, store screenshots, record and dictate memos, and, of course, type straight into the program.

Imagine you've left notes for an appointment on your computer instead of printing them out or sending them to your phone. With Evernote, you can simply pull up the app or go to the mobile Web site, and the document is right there. It's like Google Docs, but Evernote supports more types of files and has a much better user interface.

The main downside is that it can take some time to integrate into your life. You really have to sit with the program and come up with the most intuitive ways to use it. But once you figure out the main subject areas of your life (kids, work, a big project or apartment listings), Evernote becomes an indispensable tool.

Evernote is free and works on Apple's iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone; Android devices; BlackBerry; Palm; Windows Mobile; and Web browsers Chrome, Firefox (except the Firefox 4 beta), Internet Explorer and Safari.

- Hayley Tsukayama

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