Miss Manners for Feb. 1

Monday, January 31, 2011; 5:39 PM

Artwork donation not appreciated

Dear Miss Manners:

I own artwork purchased from a major New York gallery and I wrote twice, to both the former director and present director of a city-owned art museum to which I financially contribute, that my will says that I leave the piece to the museum.

I never received an acknowledgment.

Recently, a literary magazine had a long essay on the artist on the occasion of a show of his art in a major American museum. I sent the essay to my contacts at the museum mentioning that I had never received an acknowledgment.

At a museum event the other day, the museum director told me he recalled my letter but did not think it warranted a reply! Should I change my will?

Yes, if only to spare your survivors from dealing with someone so rude.

Miss Manners gathers that the museum is not that interested in this particular work of art, which is more likely to be appreciated by the major museum that showed the artist's work. She would also surmise that this director is not interested in any donations, if he believes he can afford to snub one of his donors who also collects art.

Dear Miss Manners:

When my partner and I are chewing gum, he starts to pop bubbles. I told him that it's annoying, rude and obnoxious. He argues that there are no etiquette rules to chewing gum.

Sure there are, lots of them. Did you think Miss Manners missed grade school?

How about the rule against sticking it in the hair of the person who has the ill luck to sit in front of you?

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