TV highlights: Ronald Reagan documentary; Katy Perry on 'How I Met Your Mother'

Sunday, February 6, 2011; 11:09 PM


Rock band Good Charlotte drops by "The Electric Company" (WETA at 11 a.m.), which kicks off Season 3.

"Antiques Roadshow" (WETA at 8 p.m.) wraps up a trip to San Diego and investigates items ranging from the "Captain America" creator's personal comics collection to fancy Cartier cuff links circa 1915. Plus, Matthew Quinn of Quinn's Auction Galleries in Falls Church makes an appearance as an appraiser, checking out an antique vase.

Singer Katy Perry makes a guest appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS at 8), playing the naive cousin of Ted's frenemy, Zoey. Unfortunately, just as Ted goes on a date with the cousin, he realizes he has feelings for Zoey . . . even though she's married.

Cuddy's mom (guest star Candice Bergen) goes to the hospital on "House" (Fox at 8) and refuses to have House as a doctor. But House, stubborn as he is, comes up with a secretive and slightly illegal way to treat the patient.

The "Power Rangers" franchise gets a reboot with new series "Power Rangers Samurai" (Nickelodeon at 8) - still run by the creator of the original, 1993 "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" - with a new Ranger cast and lots of special effects.

Sure enough, there really is a reality series for every profession - new show "The Unpoppables" (TLC at 8, 8:30) follows a group of balloon artists as they entertain at various events. In the first two episodes, they take their projects to the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and then travel to a community center outside Washington.

"The Chicago Code" (Fox at 9), a new cop drama from "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan about the Windy City's police force, is previewed by Hank Stuever on Page C1.

New documentary "Reagan" (HBO at 9), which chronicles the life of the 40th president, starts with Reagan's roots in a small town and examines his rise as a Hollywood actor and California governor to the eventual president of the United States. Director Eugene Jarecki talks to Ann Hornaday on Page C1.

The detectives have a never-ending list of suspects to investigate after a murder occurs on "Castle" (ABC at 10), particularly because the victim had just won the lottery.

Actor Mark Wahlberg visits "The Tonight Show With David Letterman" (CBS at 11:35) along with singer James Blunt.

"Late Show With David Letterman" (CBS at 11:35) hosts actor Martin Lawrence and musical guest Steel Magnolia.

- Emily Yahr

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