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Minute by minute, Packers creep to victory

By Norman Chad NORMAN CHAD
Monday, February 7, 2011

When the Packers are atop the NFL, it seems like a safer world. America can sleep tight tonight. And since Sunday's 31-25 victory might be the last NFL game for a long, long time, well, if the Packers are Super Bowl champions in perpetuity, what's wrong with that?

As usual, I took it all in and took copious notes:

2:01 p.m. ET: Steelers stayed at a "secret hotel" Saturday night. Security cam shows Ike Taylor leads with his helmet even when using the ice machine.

2:35: If I had a choice between celebrity chef Guy Fieri and a microwave burrito, I'd be dining 90 seconds from now.

3:37: Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Daryl Johnston sit down for a chitchat. To fit all five egos onto the set, the state of Texas had to annex Oklahoma.

3:43: Michael Strahan looks about as comfortable on that red carpet as Keith Olbermann does in a red state.

4:12: Strahan's "interviews" are tearing up the red carpet so badly, next time they'll switch to a Pergo floor.

4:47: Bill O'Reilly talks to President Obama; I'm just thankful the president wasn't on the red carpet.

4:52: Harrison Ford with an earring? What's next, the Dalai Lama with a Bluetooth?

5:02: Three hours into the pregame, there hasn't been a single clever commercial. It's like watching "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on a continuous loop.

6:24: This is my first Super Bowl in HD - love seeing the texture of Brett Keisel's eye black.

6:45: My favorite line of the evening, from the Audi spot: "Hit 'em with the Kenny G."

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