Wheretoget.it Is Quora For Shoppers (Now You Can Buy That Borat Mankini You've Always Wanted)

Roxanne Varza
Monday, February 7, 2011; 8:22 AM

So now that everyone is pretty much in agreement that Quora was the hottest startup of 2010, we'll definitely start to see a lot of Quora-inspired platforms and services for niche markets. Like fashion. Wheretoget.it is a brand new platform launched last week that is essentially Quora for shoppers. And yes, just as the URL indicates, the site seeks to respond to one very simple question: where to get it?You don't have to be a fashion expert to appreciate the concept. I'm sure many of us have been in a situation where we've seen someone with a nice bag, tie, scarf, etc. and would like to know where to get it. But since it can be hard to approach a random person in the street (or better yet, a photo in a magazine or on a blog), we never find out where to get the item. With Wheretoget.it, users can upload a photo of the item to the platform and let the site's community do the work.

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