Helping singers find their voice

Thursday, February 10, 2011; 7:12 PM

When I read "First Person Singular: Lift every voice" in the Feb. 6 Post Magazine, I was transported back to the summer before eighth grade in voice instructor Peggy McNulty's sun-filled studio. That's where she helped me find my own voice, as she had with my sister a few years before. Amanda Long aptly captures Peggy's encouraging, whimsical tutelage (albeit with feet planted firmly on the ground) that has coaxed beautiful performances from hundreds of eager and nervous young singers.

Mrs. McNulty's adage to "get back out there and face the music" has served me in many life experiences, from the stage of the Arlington Women's Club recital hall to the board room of my current employer. What a treat to have that reminder.

Julia Taylor Kennedy, Stamford, Conn.

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