Forever inspired by President Ronald Reagan

Thursday, February 10, 2011; 7:13 PM

Regarding the Feb. 6 front-page article "Reagan is inspiration, obstacle for Republicans":

I joined the Army when Jimmy Carter was president. I was a confused teenager during a very confusing time - for me and our country. Over the next eight years, using a foundation my parents gave me, I learned a sense of duty, inspirational leadership and the ethos of looking inward to fix what ails me, and to treat these traits as lifelong journeys that require eternal vigilance.

I owe this to President Ronald Reagan and the voters wise enough to grasp his transformational charisma. My life changed the day he took office. I could write my own book on his impact on me. I recall that period of my life as my own personal and professional sunrise. His enemies who really knew him admired him despite bitter conflict - respecting him after he left office as few others had been respected before, and none after.

Jay Topper, Chantilly

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