Intel Kept In The Dark Over Nokia's MeeGo Plans; Operators Reject First Device

Steve O'Hear
Saturday, February 12, 2011; 7:10 AM

Prior to the public announcement on Friday, Intel was kept in the dark with regards to Nokia?s plans to relegate MeeGo to a glorified R&D project, sources with knowledge of the situation tell TechCrunch Europe.The U.S. chip maker, it appears, was caught off guard as were many media outlets and analysts - this publication aside - with the news that Nokia has forged a long term partnership with Microsoft that will see the handset maker adopt Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform. Intel, which along with Nokia is developing the MeeGo operating system, is said to be extremely concerned now that Nokia will inevitably reduce its engineering commitment, which it desperately needs, and where this leaves plans to get its Atom chip into smartphones and other mobile devices.We?ve also learned that Nokia?s first MeeGo device, originally scheduled to be announced late last year, has been sent back to the drawing board by operators.

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