Commuter jams aren't Arlington's fault

Sunday, February 13, 2011; 7:38 PM

The Post needs to stop blaming Arlington County for congestion on Interstate 395 and stop believing the fantasy of high-occupancy toll lanes that someone living 50 miles from the District will ever be able to drive alone to his D.C. office without delays ["Traffic jam," editorial, Feb. 11].

I-395 is congested for the same reasons Metro is congested: too much office space in the District in relation to the city's small population, and too many people who live far from it. Commercial office developers in the District and residential track developers in the exurbs continue to profit while creating commuting nightmares, yet they bear none of the costs.

The people of Arlington County aren't responsible for this situation, and they don't deserve the bullying and contempt they've received.

Michael Andrews, Arlington

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