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Weighing in on same-sex marriage bill

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Readers respond to an article reporting that a majority of Maryland's state senators have said publicly that they will vote to legalize same-sex marriages, increasing the odds that the legislation being considered by the General Assembly will pass.

captn_ahab: One may agree or disagree with the change, but to suggest that the change in the ancient accepted definition of marriage only concerns gay people is as specious as suggesting race and gender are the same issue when it comes to marriage.

I_can_see_dcfrommyhouse: So proud NOT to be from Maryland. Very sad.

kpharmer: Unless you are part of a same-sex couple this legislation has no effect on your life at all. No one, by virtue of this legislation, is telling you what is best for you.

luridone: You are completely free to let your state delegates and senator know your opinions about this issue. The fact that a majority of Marylanders disagree with you, however, will result in gays having the same rights as the rest of us to marry the person they love.

akhan4: I am glad I left this state 11 years ago!

just afan: What wonderful news this is for all of us. We should all be proud to witness the advancement of civil rights.

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