Egypt's constitution to be changed

Wednesday, February 16, 2011; 8:56 PM

Egypt's military-appointed commission has been tasked with amending six articles of the constitution, which President Hosni Mubarak had promised to change before he was ousted.

Article 76

l Describes candidacy requirements for presidential elections, including one stating that a candidate must have the support of 250 elected officials.

Article 77

l Establishes a six-year presidential term and states that the president "may be re-elected for other successive terms."

Article 88

l Requires judicial monitoring of elections.

Article 93

l Makes parliament the final decision-maker regarding the validity of its members' candidacy.

Article 189

l Gives the president and the parliament power to amend the constitution.

Article 179 (to be removed)

l Allows the state to curb some freedoms to combat terrorism.

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