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Millicent Young's "Vehicle" is on view through Saturday in "Climate, Control."
Millicent Young's "Vehicle" is on view through Saturday in "Climate, Control." (Civilian Art Projects)
Friday, February 18, 2011


There are only two more days to see "Climate, Control'' at Civilian Art Projects. On Saturday, all three of the artists, plus the show's two curators, will discuss the art on display.

Jan Razauskas may have the simplest time explaining her work - pastel-hued paintings of everyday objects that are painted in acrylics on aluminum. Millicent Young and J.J. McCracken use somewhat more exotic materials. Young's constructions incorporate found objects, including wood, copper wire, horse hair and a grapevine. In form, McCracken's sculptures resemble ancient pottery, but she blends Wonder Bread into her clay and places the pieces under bell jars so mold develops. She freezes the work in time by photographing it but alongside the photos presents the vessels themselves, which continue to change as the microorganisms grow.

The artists' talk is Saturday at 4 p.m. at Civilian Art Projects, 1019 Seventh St. NW. 202-607-3804. . Free.

- Mark Jenkins

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