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View Finder: Israel via iPhone photo

A hand-holding couple in a Jerusalem cafe.
A hand-holding couple in a Jerusalem cafe.
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Photographs by Michael Temchine | for The Washington Post
Sunday, February 20, 2011

In December, freelance photographer Michael Temchine traveled to Israel to capture a series of portraits throughout Jerusalem with a 110-year-old 5x7 view camera. Every day, he'd set out to take photos of anyone willing to stand in front of the large accordion-like contraption. "Cameras make people nervous, suspicious and tense, and working with a large-view camera is slow and the opposite of inconspicuous," he says. "It was a study in rejection and patience."

The rest of the time, he decided, he'd use a different tool so that he could be as inconspicuous as possible when taking photos in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other locations. "Nobody questions a person with an iPhone in front of him, so it has become my tool of choice for street photography," says Temchine, who used the Hipstamatic app. "People think I'm checking my e-mail, and I can take pictures of life as it happens, not as it's staged."

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