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Rush Limbaugh binges on anti-Michelle Obama vitriol

Michelle Obama's collaboration with Wal-Mart is the latest step in a campaign for health and fitness that has included planting gardens, playing soccer and hula-hooping on the White House lawn.

Moderation? It is a concept that causes dyspepsia in the first lady's critics.

Fox News mistook her moderation for hypocrisy when it posted a story titled "Michelle Obama OKs Americans to Eat Pie on Thanksgiving." On the other side, nutritionists mistook her moderation for weakness when they told the Boston Globe that they were "wondering why Obama didn't set a better example" than serving bratwurst, deep-dish pizza and Buffalo wings at the White House Super Bowl party.

In other words, the food criticism is an extension of politics. On the left are the purists who think a single tortilla chip is an unacceptable compromise. On the right are those who think any nutritional recommendation amounts to a food dictatorship. The first lady, taking a sensible approach, is sandwiched.

In Limbaugh's case, politics is like a fad diet: He crows when the facts are supporting his beliefs (or when he's losing weight), and, when the facts are discrediting his ideology (or when he's yo-yoing back to obesity), he talks about something else. In politics, as in weight loss, fad dieting rarely works.

During Tuesday's broadcast, Limbaugh resumed commenting on the first lady's figure. "Some people are suggesting that my comments are below the belt," he said of the woman he has called "Moochelle" and "Michelle My Butt." Limbaugh continued: "Well, take a look at some pictures. Given where she wears her belts - she wears 'em high up there around the bust line - isn't just about everything about her below the belt, when you look at the fashion sense she has?"

The corpulent critic giggled and concluded: "Yes, every square inch of my glorious, naked body oozes with the truth." Let's hope they keep him out of the swimsuit issue.

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