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The speaker speaks

And Korea doesn't seem to be going well.

Are you coming up with proposals for me to send around?


Well, someone sure messed up Iraq.

Pakistan? Seems more "solved" than ever.

Korea? Just about there, boss.

Next year in Tel Aviv?

Looks like a longtime Loop Favorite, our pal Moammar Gaddafi, is a goner. Who can forget the 30 virgin female bodyguards, trying to pitch a tent in New York, that voluptuous Ukrainian "nurse." We will surely miss him.

But despite all the protestations about his dying in Libya, he's got to start thinking about getting out pretty quick. The problem is, it'll be hard to find anyone who'll take him, maybe with the exception of, yes, Israel.

Seems Gaddafi's grandmother, the mother of his mother, was Jewish, according to an account broadcast on Israeli TV news last year. Two Israeli women, who claimed to be his distant relatives, said his grandmother ran away from an abusive Jewish husband, married a Muslim sheik and converted.

But under Jewish religious law, Grandma and her daughter, who is Gaddafi's mom, are still considered Jewish and therefore, as the monthly magazine Israel Today reports in its current issue, so is Gaddafi.

If the story they told is true, the weekly said, then "Gaddafi is entitled to immigrate to Israel as a Jew under Israel's Law of Return. Even if every other country on earth refused him entry, Israel would be obligated by its own laws to take Gaddafi in."

Should be some nice plots left near Petah Tikva.

Moves of note

Speaking of Israel, word is that the White House plans to nominate Dan Shapiro, who handled Jewish outreach for President Obama during the campaign and now is National Security Council senior director for the Middle East and North Africa, to be ambassador to Israel. We're told the planned move, first reported by Politico, will mean that the Adas Israel synagogue will have as members both Israel's ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, and now Washington's envoy to Israel.

Staff writer Tara Bahrampour contributed to this report.

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