Larry King's live comedy tour. Yes, really.

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Larry King is taking his comedy on tour." Bet you never thought you'd read that sentence.

The former CNN prime-time talk-show host really and truly has announced he's embarking on a one-man comedy show about his life and career. Actually, King's father-in-law, Karl Engemann, is sending King on the road come April; Engemann's among the producers who made the announcement.

"Take my wife - please!" Times eight. Can't wait.

"I'm going to do comedy and talk about life," King said Wednesday night, appearing on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight."

The producers promise that this comedy tour will be a "hilarious and insightful look" at King's life, starting with his childhood as a "street-smart kid in Brooklyn" and continuing through his illustrious CNN show-hosting career as the guy who interviewed presidents, generals - and Paris Hilton and her Bible when she got out of the slammer, which we knew had to be a gag at the time, but no one would believe us.

And - we're in luck! One of his stops is the Hippodrome in Baltimore! On Friday, May 13!

"Larry King's style and wit will give audiences an evening to remember," the producers promised us in their announcement.

If you buy a ticket, as a member of the audience you will also have the "extraordinary opportunity to ask [your] own questions of the broadcast veteran (and now stand up comedian!) in a Q&A with Larry at each performance," the producers promise.

In case you are just coming out from under a flat rock, King spent 25 years hosting a talk show on CNN, stepping down just this past December because, he said at the time, he wanted to spend more time with his family.

CNN replaced King with Piers Morgan. And speaking of comedy, just last week, while attending the premiere of the opera "Anna Nicole" in London, King said he thought that CNN had oversold Morgan and that this is why Morgan's ratings have not been stellar. King also told the BBC last week that he thought Morgan was "good but not that dangerous."

"And you're going to be nice to me, aren't you, Larry?" Morgan asked King on Wednesday's "Piers Morgan Tonight," regarding the topics on King's tour.

"No, here's what I'll say about you: 'Piers Morgan is gentle, and sweet and not dangerous,' " King said.

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