Not giving the Vlad his due

Friday, February 25, 2011; 7:13 PM

It's pretty sad that on Feb. 19 the Providence (R.I.) Journal, for example, had more about outfielder-designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero's official signing with the Baltimore Orioles than did The Washington Post. In case you forgot, the Orioles used to get nearly daily coverage in The Post and now are reduced to an occasional mention.

In the case of Guerrero's signing, The Post had about 100 words tucked into a "notebook" feature, while the Journal printed a picture and about 250 words in prominent fashion.

It's unfortunate that a city almost 400 miles from Baltimore paid more attention than one about 40 miles away.

I know space in the Sports section is tight, but if you're going to give lots of ink to Virginia Tech (located about 270 miles away), the least you could do is maintain some level of regular Orioles coverage.

Rob Yunich, Fairfax

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