Why glorify the antics of a competitive eating club?

Friday, February 25, 2011; 7:39 PM

What were you thinking when you devoted so much space to text and large photos of the University of Maryland's disgusting, unhealthy, selfish, thoughtless students stuffing themselves in competitive eating contests ["No gut, no glory for U-Md.'s eating club," Metro, Feb. 19].

The description of a young man gorging himself, "gnawing meat like a rabid dog" until the "veins in his neck bulged," sickened me. Defending the event, the mother of one of the competitors said that she hoped people would have a "bit of a sense of humor and recognize what being in college is all about." This is what college is about?

What was the university thinking when it sanctioned this "club" and provided a staff adviser? If The Post thought this story was really newsworthy, why not give equal space and photos to the university's Jelly for the Belly club, which helps to feed the homeless? That, I believe, is newsworthy and what college is all about.

Barbara Morris, Falls Church

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