Congress gets the remedy wrong for National Airport's lack of flights

Saturday, February 26, 2011; 6:46 PM

Regarding the Feb. 19 Metro story "More flights at National Airport?":

Reagan National Airport is still sorely underserved, and the traveling public continues to suffer. National offers so little low-cost airline service that many travelers are forced to trek to distant Dulles International Airport and and Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport for the cheap airfares they want. A few more flights will make no difference. National needs a new management framework that encourages competition and makes room for innovative air carriers to compete alongside the traditional airlines. It could carry double the passenger traffic using larger, low-decibel aircraft, further reducing the noise that National's neighbors endure.

The politicians have tinkered with this airport to no public benefit (in fact they've shut out too many cities and flights) when they have serious issues to deal with. Micromanaging airport operations is simply wasteful and is none of their business.

Manuel Knight, Washington

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