Hints From Heloise for Feb. 28

Sunday, February 27, 2011; 6:35 PM

Box Talk

Dear Heloise:

I'm responding to a previous column about MAILING HINTS and wanted to add a comment. Please have your readers be careful when using cereal or cracker boxes for mailing or shipping. I have owned a private mail and shipping center for more than 23 years, and there are some things your readers should be aware of.

First, do not ship anything that could possibly break in such containers. Any item that is breakable needs a corrugated box -- preferably new, if the item needs insuring. Some companies won't insure items shipped in either bubble envelopes or thin cardboard.

Also, if you have any delicate items that need insurance, use air-filled packing material and foam peanuts.

-- Ed in Texas

Ed, thanks for the input. It was nice chatting with you. Another hint from Ed: Make sure the address is legible. My hint: Print, if possible, and be sure the ZIP code is readable. -- Heloise



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