Anne Hathaway and James Franco Oscar hosting performance critiques come rolling in

Nominees and presenters made waves at the Academy Awards in glittering sheers, bold reds, asymmetrical details and yards of tulle.
Compiled by Justin Bank
Washington Post staff
Sunday, February 27, 2011; 10:56 PM

2011 Oscar viewers took to their computers to chat about the show, the hosting performance of Anne Hathaway and James Franco and the work of the various presenters with Washington Post reporter Ann Hornaday. A brief selection:

Q: James Franco and Anne Hathaway are awfully nice young people. Why they are hosting the Oscars is beyond me (and probably them)....

ANN HORNADAY : Maybe it's just jitters, come on kids keep it together...

Question: Get these awful presenters off the stage.

ANN HORNADAY : Truly this is quite painful...

Question: If you ever watch clips of actors collecting Oscars 50-60 years ago, they managed to collect the award, say something reasonably intelligent and not turn it into a impromptu soliloquy. For God's sake, get on, get the award and get off, people!

ANN HORNADAY: Exactly! This just does not bode well...

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