It's standing up for rights, not complaining

Friday, March 4, 2011; 6:40 PM

I was disappointed to read the following in the Feb. 24 Metro brief "Solar Decathlon to get a new spot":

"After complaining for weeks that they had plenty of houses but no home," competitors in the Energy Department Solar Decathlon" are "back on the Mall."

Don't your journalists know the difference between standing up for what is rightfully yours and "complaining"? Remember that these university teams had a contract with the Energy Department and a legal agreement with the Interior Department to place their solar-powered homes on the Mall this fall. When they were suddenly told the competition would not be held in that coveted location, they raised their voices.

Certainly, we want young people to recognize and fight for justice and fairness. And certainly, we want U.S. citizens to exercise their right of free speech. I am glad to know that the future leaders of our country have the knowledge, skills, determination and passion to fight for what is right.

Melissa DiGennaro King, Advance Falls, Va.

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