Create your own walking tour with Broadcastr

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Create your own walking tour

Every place has a story to tell. A new social platform, Broadcastr, makes it easier to tell those stories in a fun and simple format. Now in its beta Web launch, the service lets users record, publish and geo-tag stories to share. It's the perfect way to share vacation stories or to dispense your thoughts about a particularly personal locale. It's also great for restaurant reviews or personal recommendations. Several groups, such as Fodor's travel guides, have teamed up with Broadcastr to provide content.

To use Broadcastr, just record your story, review and re-record (if needed), add some tags and pin it to a location. You can create playlists to group recordings, and users can follow particular storytellers or share stories via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

The Web site has a few loading and interface bugs that the development team keeps track of on its blog. Broadcastr is also set to release mobile apps for Android and the iPhone. This will let users make use of GPS to look up stories from wherever they are, so whether you're walking down Pennsylvania Avenue or the Champs-Elysees, you'll be able to access the words of those who came before you.

- Hayley Tsukayama

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