Google Translate comes to Mac mobile devices

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What she means is . . .

Google Translate comes to Mac mobiles

Google Translate brings the functionality of the popular Web service to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for free. An Android version of the application launched in January. The app has a straightforward user interface, can translate text in more than 50 languages and supports Romanization for many of them. Use a microphone for voice translations in 15 languages and hear translations spoken - by a fairly decent automated voice - in 23 languages. Users can tap the microphone icon to speak into the app and tap the speaker to hear the translation read.

It's hard for one person to test all the languages offered, but I had good results translating the ones I speak, although there were a few times I had to repeat myself. And, like almost all automated translations, the app is literal and puzzled by slang and figures of speech.

The only major gripe with Google Translate is that users need to be connected to the Internet to use the app, which can be a little annoying on the go. Overall, however, you couldn't ask for a cleaner, cooler, free translation app.

- Hayley Tsukayama

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