China paper blasts Middle East protest movements

Motivated by recent shows of political strength by neighbors in Egypt, demonstrators in the Middle East and North Africa are taking to the streets of many cities to rally for change.
The Associated Press
Saturday, March 5, 2011; 2:17 AM

BEIJING -- An official Communist Party-run Chinese newspaper is attacking protest movements in the Middle East and dismissing the possibility of something similar happening within China.

The Beijing Daily published by the city's party committee says such movements have brought nothing but chaos and misery to their countries' citizens and are being engineered by a small number of people using the Internet to organize illegal meetings.

It says Chinese people support their nation's political stability, economic development, and favorable government policies. The paper's Saturday editorial says citizens must be conscious of the threat from people inside and outside the country with ulterior motives who want to seize on China's problems to incite unrest.

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