Brown-Gray chats: Sure sound like a job deal

Tuesday, March 8, 2011; 8:34 PM

Regarding the March 6 front-page article "Mayor Gray: No 'quid pro quo'," on allegations by former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown that he was promised a high-paying city job in return for his attacks on then-Mayor Adrian M. Fenty:

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) says: "I didn't ask anybody to do it. I didn't tell anybody to do it. I didn't authorize anybody to do it." But isn't it clear that he was aware, at the very least, of a deal with Mr. Brown and what it involved? How else could the mayor say that "agreements had been reached" and that "none has been breached"?

The mayor's assertion that he was referring only to the promise of a job interview doesn't seem plausible. I've lived in Washington for 40 years, and the news from the District Building these days takes me back to the bad times I thought were long gone.

John Sukenik, Washingtonsigok

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