Mr. Huckabee's Kenya comment: Deliberate, not a mere slip

Wednesday, March 9, 2011; 7:11 PM

Does Mike Huckabee really think he can get away with calling his statement about President Obama growing up in Kenya a "simple slip of the tongue" and claiming that he meant to say Indonesia? ["Democrats not ready to write off the once-solid South," Chris Cillizza's The Monday Fix, March 7]. Since he also said that Mr. Obama had grown up there with his Kenyan father and grandfather and that their view of the Mau Mau revolution probably explained his view of the British as imperialists, there is no way this works when you substitute Indonesia, which was not a British colony and had no Mau Mau revolution.

The big question is which is worse: Did Mr. Huckabee believe what he initially said or was he just pandering to the worst elements in American politics? In either case, he clearly is not fit to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

Nina D. Howland, Kensington


I'll accept former governor Mike Huckabee's "Kenya" slip as an honest error comparable to then-Sen. Barack Obama's "57 states" fumble when Mr. Huckabee can prove to me that there's been a concerted, coordinated, three-year campaign by forces on the left to convince the public that there are 57 states.

John Reynolds, Alexandria

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