Air balls in your college coverage

Friday, March 11, 2011; 6:34 PM

D.C. area fans of the University of Virginia's teams have long believed that The Post's sports coverage is biased in favor of the University of Maryland. The March 6 headline over the articles describing Maryland's loss to Virginia (as well as Georgetown's loss to Cincinnati) - "Two Bad" - conclusively confirmed that belief.

The outcome of the Maryland-Virginia game was "bad" only from the standpoint of Terps fans; to those of us who root for the Cavaliers, it was sweet.

But the headline was fitting given the incredible slant of the article itself. In reporting on a game in which U-Va. trounced Maryland by 14 points (74-60), the article mentioned only one player for the winners, while mentioning nine players, the head basketball coach and even the new head football coach for the losers.

The Post needs to remember that tens of thousands of its readers follow U-Va. and don't appreciate an article that is too one-sided even for Maryland's student newspaper.

Chuck Hadden, Arlington


The 12th-ranked Syracuse men's basketball team played an outstanding game March 5, beating DePaul, 107-59. However, nowhere in The Post's March 6 Sports section did this get even the courtesy of a mention. Not in the college basketball summary of scores for ranked teams on Page D1, and not on D5 through D8, not even in the scores and box scores.

What's up with that? It wasn't a late game; it was over by 6 p.m.

Now, in the same section, on the page devoted to women's basketball, the headline read: "Hoyas edge Syracuse, set up date with U-Conn," and the story talked about how the 17th-ranked Hoyas edged Syracuse, 61-60.

I think your bias showed.

John Shirtz, Columbia

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