Are the Orioles a Post home town team?

Friday, March 11, 2011; 6:36 PM

The complaint that Rob Yunich [Free for All, Feb. 26] leveled about the Providence (R.I.) Journal's devoting more space to Vladimir Guerrero's signing with the Baltimore Orioles than The Post failed to consider that the Journal covers the Boston Red Sox, one of Baltimore's rivals in the American League East.

As a Washington Nationals and Washington Redskins fan, I am much more interested in free agents signed by the Nationals' rivals in Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and Florida than any moves Baltimore makes. In football, I would much rather read about moves that Dallas, Philadelphia and the New York Giants make than about whom the Baltimore Ravens acquire.

As for college basketball, Virginia Tech is a chief rival of the University of Maryland in the Atlantic Coast Conference and should be covered.

I read the Post's Sports section for information and analysis on Washington's professional and college teams. With so many intriguing story lines for the Nationals and their minor league affiliates (Bryce Harper's progression, the growth of other prospects such as Derek Norris and Sammy Solis), I don't want any space devoted to a team that, while close geographically, plays in a different city, league and division.

Stephen J. Walker, Ellicott City

Stephen J. Walker is the author of "A Whole New Ballgame: The 1969 Washington Senators."


Rob Yunich was right about The Post no longer covering the Orioles. It is hard to believe that a publication with the regional stature of The Post would ignore a major league team 40 miles from its office, yet in the same edition feature a story about the Baltimore Symphony. Several years ago, The Post had it right when it gave balanced coverage to both the Orioles and the Nationals. One can only hope this coverage will return in the future.

Charles R. Shuff,

North Beach, Md.

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