Debt and deficit crises need more than a 'Gang of Six'

Saturday, March 12, 2011; 6:26 PM

Before reading the March 8 front-page article "Prescribing bitter debt medicine, senators take case to public," I was in deep depression, certain this great country would go the way of Greece. Then, a ray of hope. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D) once turned Virginia around, and now he is gunning to do the same for America. But why only a "Gang of Six"? Funny, I thought there were 100 senators. Is it possible that 94 of them don't get it?

Please, 94 honorable ladies and gentlemen - we're $14 trillion in debt. The article ended with "this might be a moment in time" to get something done. Might? Moment? If you other 94 don't act now, our moment will be gone, and America will have lost its might.

Bill Little, Fairfax

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