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Vinny Cerrato and his life after the Redskins

"I was still a general manager this season - they called me the 'resident GM' at 1050 [AM radio] in New York," he quips. He hopes to continue draft-analysis radio work soon. He has no idea if another team will employ him. Right now, standing here in his oversized, brown chocolate pullover sweater, jeans and bare feet, he doesn't much care.

Becky now brings home the bacon, "Ray-Ray" gets to hug and kiss daddy after she gets off the school bus, and the boys don't have to worry about their dad jumping every time the phone rings and the owner of the football team makes him go somewhere.

"Daddy, are you watching film?" says Charlie, 6, from the third floor, his torso slightly hanging over the banister. "I don't like watching film. I like watching Wii."

"Hee-hee," Cerrato cackles.

Asked if he watched the NFL draft combine - a monotonous, mind-numbing, four-day long workout of muscled 22-year-olds in Spandex - Cerrato says: "Watched it? I taped it."

Today he is breaking down Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder. "He's athletic. He gets pressure, he takes off running," he says, surveying the 73-incher in the living room. "Good feet. He ran a 4.6 [40-yard dash]." His concerns grow when Ponder throws into heavy coverage during the Senior Bowl. "He's just forcin' it in there, telegraphin' it." He also doesn't like Cam Newton, thinks he has too many character questions.

For much of 10 years, Redskins fans had genuine concerns about Cerrato. For every Brian Orakpo on his draft resume, there's a Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly or Chad Rinehart. For every Shawn Springs or Marcus Washington in free agency, there was an Albert Haynesworth or Archuleta, the free safety whom Cerrato now calls his biggest mistake (He trumpets Chris Cooley as his best move.)

Though he was officially head of football operations for only two years, he says he had input throughout the reign of error in Ashburn.

He knows where the bodies are buried, but he won't dig them up for you.

Cerrato won't say when he was finished being paid by the Redskins, and how long his severance was, but it was sometime last year. Bottom line, he is feeling talkative about the past these days.

And in a two-hour-plus appearance on a radio show I co-host on 106.7 FM last week, he unloaded - kind of.

On Jim Zorn: Zorn's fault. For getting too big for his britches after he started 6-2.

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