E.J. Dionne Jr.'s deficit denial

Wednesday, March 16, 2011; 8:46 PM

E.J. Dionne Jr.'s definition of being broke is vastly different than my own and, I suspect, that of the vast majority of American citizens ["A broken metaphor," op-ed, March 13]. The only reason that the United States is able to pay its employees and its bills and continue to provide services is because of an increasing debt that is funded by borrowing. Having a $15 trillion economy is irrelevant in this equation, especially when U.S. debt is close to that figure. I wonder: At what point would Mr. Dionne consider our deficit to be too much?

Ronald Selepak, Dumfries


When someone disagrees with the notion that global warming is human-caused, that person is branded as a "climate denier." So it is only reasonable that E.J. Dionne Jr. and others who assert that "we are not broke" should be identified as "deficit deniers." Clearly, they choose to ignore the obvious implications of the hockey stick-shaped graph charting our soaring national deficit.

Doug Mainwaring, Potomac

The writer is a co-founder of the National Capital Tea Party Patriots.

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