What happened to the pork expose?

Friday, March 18, 2011; 6:46 PM

I started to read the Saturday Conversation piece, intrigued by the headline, "An aristocrat gets down to 'Pig Business' " [Style, March 12].

The initial description of the confined animal farming operation kept me reading. I expected a discussion of the major issues involved in this method of "modern" farming, since economics, environmental issues, humane treatment of animals and the supply of inexpensive food are relevant to factory farming. I expected some discussion of how Smithfield and other mega-farming companies have avoided regulation and continue to pollute Virginia, North Carolina and many other states. Sadly, I was greatly disappointed.

Instead, I learned that activist Tracy Worcester was an English actress, married a future duke and will live in a home where badminton was named. I also learned that actresses Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Megan Fox all have owned pet pigs.

I ask only: "Who is your intended readership?" I beg you to improve the level of your journalism.

Angela Drake, Herndon

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