Street parking in D.C. isn't a divine right

Saturday, March 19, 2011; 7:01 PM

I am always amazed at people who think that they should be able to enjoy public resources without any personal cost. It takes money to maintain roads, and there is no right to free parking for revelers and restaurant patrons.

So I have some advice for Mark L. Asquino [letters, March 16] and other "unsuspecting motorists" who don't know the hours when metered parking is in effect:

Read the parking signs (that's what they're there for), park in one of many private garages in Penn Quarter (after paying $90 for a theater ticket, why go feed a meter in the middle of the play to save a few dollars?), or better yet, take Metro. The Red Line stops on the edge of Penn Quarter, at Gallery Place.

Tony Speranza, Silver Spring

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