More than 15,000 march for education in S. Africa

The Associated Press
Monday, March 21, 2011; 12:14 PM

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- More than 15,000 are marching in South Africa's western city of Cape Town to demand libraries, computers labs and other resources for township schools, many of which are vastly under-resourced.

Yoliswa Dwane, a spokeswoman for Cape Town-based Equal Education said Monday that the government spent billions of rand on the World Cup, but has not invested the same on basic education.

South Africa, a country with one of the greatest disparities of wealth, still struggles to close the gap apartheid created between white and black schools. Only a third of third-graders in South Africa meet the minimum literacy and numeracy standards, according to national test results. Last year, a third of those taking final-year exams failed.

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