Gay marriage and God's intentions

Monday, March 21, 2011; 8:16 PM

Thomas R. Viets [letters, March 17] is fully entitled to his belief system and moral code regarding his opposition to gay marriage. However, marriage is only a "sacred union" when performed by a clergyman within the framework of a given faith. Our government also recognizes civil marriage, which can unite nonbelievers or individuals subscribing to credos different from those of Mr. Viets.

While he claimed to be privy to God's intentions, he needs to respect the civil rights of those who have a different understanding of these intentions. He and our legislators should leave their religious beliefs at the statehouse door.

Mark S. Weinberg, Glenn Dale


Thomas R. Viets contended, "Just because the state deems something legal does not make it moral." Exactly so. And just because you, I, the pope, or sharia "law" deem something to be immoral does not mean it should be illegal.

The law exists to create a free and peaceful society and to be evenhanded to all. It does not exist to create a moral society. It most emphatically does not exist to promote the intentions of anyone's god.

Jay R. Cummings, Greenbelt

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