Hooray for governmental regulators

Monday, March 21, 2011; 8:18 PM

Lloyd Eby's March 19 letter, "There's no such thing as disinterested regulators," argued that governmental regulation cannot be "disinterested" since every regulation "is set up for and in support of some interest, and every regulator has an interest in whatever he or she is doing."

This is akin to suggesting that we should not have criminal laws because police officers "might be self-interested" in their jobs and might be bad guys to boot. But we nonetheless have police officers enforce the laws because society needs the enforcement to protect public safety. Enforcement of laws by regulatory agencies is no different. Personally, I hope the bureaucrats are self-interested in their enforcement, which to me means they are doing their jobs.

If I lived 10 miles from a nuclear power plant, I sure would hope that a "self-interested" individual would regulate it.

George DeMarse, Alexandria

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