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We offer this chance to ponder the strangest and most petty moments of the Jackson trial. (Pool Photo by Joshua Gates Weisberg)

For Tom Sneddon, A Broken Record

How bad is it to be Tom Sneddon now? For the second time in 12 years, Michael Jackson has gotten away from him. Anyone who sat in that courtroom in Santa Maria saw that Sneddon could be cranky and, perhaps worse for such a high-profile trial, bland.


A Tabloid Story Told In the Face of Perversity

You can be certain that when the nation's two most prominent tabloids come up with exactly the same headline, the ever-elusive zeitgeist has been pinned down, butterfly style, for a moment.

Jackson Found Not Guilty on All Charges

Jury of eight women and four men concluded that the evidence was not sufficient beyond a reasonable doubt that pop star is a predatory child molester. The jurors found him not guilty on all 10 counts.

The Jury

Firm in Its Conviction There Was Too Much Doubt

In the end, the jurors said, it came down to four words: Beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution in Michael Jackson's molestation trial just never got there for them.

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