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Hobbes, left, and Leo have a close encounter with a horse at the Inn at Meander Plantation.
Hobbes, left, and Leo have a close encounter with a horse at the Inn at Meander Plantation.

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Six dog-friendly accommodations in the mid-Atlantic region.

While tourists flock to Salem, Danvers, Mass. is actually where the 17th-century witch hysteria started.

If You Go

When you get to Hershey, Pa., go past the amusement park, the all-purpose stadium and the large building piled high with chocolate Kisses and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Then voyage back in time more than 2,000 years.

Greyhound and Peter Pan have finally gotten on the bus, offering nonstop service between New York and major cities along the Northeast Corridor.

Monterey, Va.

Pre-dawn light drenching a landscape of smoky blue and green ridges. A soft wind stirring through the trees. It doesn't get much better than this.

Walk into the General Francis Marion Hotel in Marion, Va., and you'll feel like a character in the board game "Clue." Built in 1927 and named, like the town, for the Revolutionary War hero known as the "Swamp Fox," the hotel has the feel of a musty old mansion, despite a $4 million renovation com...


From the first stroke, I was stoked. Since I first saw one, I've admired stand-up paddlers from afar -- their grace, their strength, their seemingly unflappable balance -- and after 15 years of ballet and five of Pilates, I figured I might have the balance to keep myself upright on a board that's...

At Killahevlin Bed and Breakfast, you're not just a guest. You're a bartender.

Sitting around the crackling fire in a Hudson Valley campsite, I proudly surveyed my forested domain from the throne of a canvas chair. My tent was perfectly assembled and moodily lit by a hanging lantern. On the two-burner gas stove, the cheese was melting on a veggie burger, while a hash of pea...

Bed Check: hotel review of historic accommodations in Colonial Williamsburg.

The Westin Arlington Gateway offers a tranquil getaway in the heart of Arlington's bustling Ballston area.

A photo safari in Baltimore allows visitors to learn the basics of photography.

Hotel review of Victorian-style beach bungalows on the Jersey Shore.


The night before the mini-golf tournament, I climbed a staircase to scope out the rooftop course at Tee Time Miniature Golf in the seaside town of Stone Harbor, N.J. Looking back, it would have been a much better idea to actually practice on it.

At the Distrikt Hotel, a new boutique property in Manhattan, guests roam the city by elevator.

Open since January, the Andaz Wall Street was recently joined by the Andaz 5th Avenue, located across the street from the New York City Public Library.

Going Our Way

Not sure where to start? Let us plan your trip for you.

As West Virginia expands its casino gambling, a poker player seeks out the action at two vastly different venues.

Bed Check

At the new Dupont Hotel, style comes at a price.


New Jersey's historic Frenchtown is a petite ville of about 1,500 on the Delaware River that celebrates French culture, including Bastille Day.

A lot of people think that the only place to bicycle in Manhattan is Central Park, where you only have to dodge other bikers, joggers and roller bladers. But to truly feel the exhilaration of riding around New York on two wheels, you have to try the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway.

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